My husband and I have been married for almost four months now, and we’ve been talking about kids and when to have them. We had pushed the subject aside, and come to a conclusion when one day I start feeling kind of funny. I have a weird cycle so I try to track it with an app on my phone, and when I checked it, it said I was supposed to start… which was odd because I hadn’t.

My husband thought it was normal, because my period had always been early never late. So we shrugged it off. He said if I didn’t start at the end of the week we’d get a test. However, two days was enough to convince me that something was peculiar. We bought the digital tests that read “pregnant” or “not pregnant” that way we wouldn’t be playing a guessing game. After staring me down while I was using the test, my husband hastily snatched it from my hands and watched it come up with it’s verdict: “pregnant”

It was all like a very strange dream. A pleasant one, but a dream none the less. Here I am, married, and having a child with the man of my dreams; the love of my life. He smiled at me, tears in his eyes, and just cuddled me. Rubbing my stomach gently, saying things like “I can’t believe it, I’m a daddy.”And, I know he’ll be a great one. He’s already planning classes, and health checks and guidelines for me! Now it’s just time to schedule a doctor’s appointment!~

I’ll keep this updated with how I’m feeling and such daily. Keep on the lookout if interested!


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